The Story of Zangara is the heartbreaking, true story written by an escaped slave, adapted to poetry. Zangara endures the loss of home and family, when his village is ambushed by slave traders. The life he lived in Africa, with little threat of illness or suffering, becomes an extraordinary human struggle. The poem mirrors the narrative written by Zangara. There were many slave narratives published; first hand accounts that illustrate the human cost of enslavement, giving voice to those who would never escape, nor tell their stories.  

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The Story of American Slavery was intended to be a short poem honoring the 150th anniversary of

the Emancipation Proclamation, commemorated in 2013.

The poem expanded, becoming a timeline, stretching from the moments Columbus reached

the Caribbean shores, to the Civil War. It is dedicated to young people,

so they can know their history.  

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Margaret McCants

"History is a people's memory."

- Malcolm X

Margaret McCants

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