Margaret McCants

Margaret McCants

​​A Black History Journey:


Our Journey: Who Can Tell Our Story?

A Black History Journey presents black as beautiful, while contemplating African American history, as a metaphor of a journey; a journey toward human equality.

Black history can cover the entire African diaspora, all across this globe, from the first people of the Earth.

This book focuses on African American history: African ideals and philosophies, the human perspective of slavery, civil rights facts and history.. There are poems on recent, significant events, religion, perspective and great leaders.

Historical concepts, in chronological order, are simplified through imaginative, inspiring poetry.  The book was inspired a a gift to young people, to better understand history.  Over 100 poems look at African American history from the perspective of an African American woman, having grown up in America, where such history often goes untold...  What a treasure it is to know and learn from the true lessons of one's ancestor's experiences. 

Topics include many things I wish I had learned in school: African spiritual principles, African myths and history, slavery from the perspective of specific individuals, the laws, slave codes and black codes that defined racial discrimination and segregation, early civil rights efforts.

There are also poems on well known people, many of whom are seen as great examples within the community like Marcus Garvey, George Washington carver, Malcolm X, Mary McLeod Bethune and more. 

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