Margaret McCants

Margaret McCants

A Black History Journey: Poems on the African American Experience is Inspiring, Inspirational, Informative and Spiritual...

There is a Bible verse that says, in all your getting, get understanding. A Black History Journey is about understanding. It's an easy to read, poetic presentation of a people's journey, in American history; one chapter of the American story; one that we all continue to write together.

Our problems today show us there are still lessons to be learned from our past. And we can better understand the present looking through the lens of history.

"History is a people's memory." - Malcolm X

In over 100 poems, A Black History Journey honors a unique legacy; contemplating African American origins, experiences and culture, up to recent history; a heritage that contributed to the great wealth and innovation of this country. A Black History Journey is also about honoring those who came before. In honoring our ancestors, we honor ourselves.


What People Are Saying About A Black History Journey...

"This book is insightful, educational and enlightening to all ages. It takes you on a powerful journey through black history. A definite favorite and a must read."

"Margaret McCants takes you on a poetic journey that comes to life in her writings and places you in the garden of life's experiences both past and present!!"

"You can't tell the history of America without telling the history laid out in this masterpiece."

"Awesome book! Reminds me of the great poet Maya Angelou. This is a must have for anyone's home library collection. The poems are inspiring and creative."

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