The Story of American Slavery

A Black History Journey

Book III

The Story of American Slavery was written in honor of the 150th anniversary of The Emancipation Proclamation. From Columbus to Jamestown, the American Revolution to the Civil War, The Story of American Slavery chronicles several centuries, reflecting upon significant facts, and events, in the development, and later abolition, of slavery in America.

Starting from the 1400's, the poem describes some of the voyages, slave codes, rebellions, and key figures during those times. Key figures include: Christopher Columbus, Ponce De Leon, John Rolfe, Anthony Johnson, Nat Turner, Frederick Douglass, Cinque, Harriet Tubman, John Brown and more.​​

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​​A Black



Poems on The African-American Experience

A quote by Miguel "Mickey" Melendez, a co-founder of The Young Lords, and author of We Took The Streets, aptly portrays the importance of valuing our history.

"You either claim your history or you lose authority over your future."

A Black History Journey: Poems of The African-American Experience, by Margaret McCants, is a poetry book with over 100 poems on African-American History. A Black History Journey begins in Africa, with a look at African geography, archaeology, mythology and some early African history; a section of poems on slavery follows, attempting to illustrate the humanity of the slave in America; after, there are poems on The Civil Rights struggle, that began during Reconstruction and continues on today. There are also personal, and spiritual poems, reflecting the author's firsthand perspective.

A Black History Journey pays homage to the struggle of Africans in the Americas, and more specifically, the African-American struggle for equal citizenship, and full person-hood, within the framework of The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution; a struggle that reaches into the present-day.
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The Story of Zangara

A Black History Journey

Book II

The Story of Zangara is a slave narrative adapted to poetry. It is based on Part I of “Slavery Illustrated, in the Histories of Zangara and Maquama, Two Negroes Stolen From Africa and Sold into Slavery. Related by Themselves.”

The poem chronicles the major events and developments in Zangara's life. Zangara grew up near the Niger River, where he lived with his family in a village called, Tamata. After a trading expedition, he and his family were captured and shipped to America.

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Margaret McCants



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A Cool Breeze: Poems

A series of over 70 poems on life, love, poetry and spirituality.

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